Anyway doing some wonder trading and then i’m off to try and feel a little better! Stomach has been a little wonky these past 3 days.

Everyone have a wonderful friday! :) i mean of course but…you get what i mean! Lol keep it lovely!

Anyone else confused on who derrick is REALLY working with? I am, it seems more like cody cause “the hitmen” but all the things he’s saying to victoria, is it just for convincing’s sake or….? Or is it cause i’m sorta sick and kinda worn down. Probably cause i’m kinda sick and worn down. Heh. *shrugs* whatever it’s derrick there’s always a reason to the things he does.



just hatched my first ever baby shiny!! I’m filled with happiness over his IVs…and a certain sadness that he didn’t get his HA. And that he appeared before I could get a smeargle father with egg moves. But, he did come within the first box or so!

I hate to be a bother, but i’m not well educated on the whole “smeargle” breeding and i was wondering on how it works? :) you really don’t have to but i’d appreciate it if you did either way thank you for your time ^.^

Tonight for the first time in my goddang life i said “i’m over it” to my past.

SELF GOAL ACHIEVED, what an amazing feeling :)

Don’t let the past creep up and take you in again, break free and keep running cause eventually you’ll run into something precious, cause the past doesn’t and cannot be changed and will do nothing but hold you back from being who you wanna be, don’t let it, go out there, show people how great you can be! :)

Ok i’m done with encouraging words. :) enjoy your evening/night/day!



This will be the cutest video you will see today. My grandparents found baby sea turtles on their doorstep this morning so they released them one by one!

SERIOUSLY YES THE CUTEST THING, everyone needs this on their blog ok. No if ands or butts!


Anonymous asked:

Is it weird for a 15 yo taurus to still sleep with her bear?

imtaurus answered:

Are you kidding me, sweet? -_-
No it’s not weird. If your bear makes you feel safe and happy then it’s not just only okay but it sweet.

i sleep with a stuffed animal cat of mine and i’m 22, i’m not ashamed at all, it cures my lonelyness at night :) i also cannot sleep well without that stuffed animal and a pokemon plushy of mine. to me if a stuffed animal can help you get through things it’s never a shame, male or female, if it helps it helps and that’s a really good thing :)