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shout out to the new peeps that have followed, hope you read the bio so you know what i post about ;)

Even tho i need to change it but majority if you can handle pokemon, rants, words of wisdom, cute animals and “drooling over my senpai” ( and whatever else) posts well hey, take your coat off and stay a while lol

*hugs senpai* i was there for the stream a lil today, if i had my laptop and didn’t have to go out i prolly would’ve stayed, but i really was in dire need of new undies and bras xD all i’m saying is “bundles of pink” that is all lol, but hope his back gets better.

wealllostthegame asked
I don't have the stone. maybe it's on a different pokemon?

Oh ok no i have it my bad, hope the shinies make someone’s day! :) good luck on the WT shinies thing! sounds so awesome!

wealllostthegame asked
My FC: 5069-4274-7175 and my IGN is Amu

I has you!! Sending invite now :)

Wonder trade!


So I was luck enough some people have donated a few shinnies for the shiny wonder trade. If you have any to donate please let me know! I want to do this and send random shines out to people to make their day i only have 6 to send out! So if you have any please message me and let me know!!! ***I DO…

hey so i have some i’d like to donate! :) is it okay for nicknames? Or do you want me to change to the originals? :) i have about 5 to donate :3

sylveonsunsets asked
Hello sweetie, I've been searching for a Moonball Gastly, and I was wondering, based on your past posts, would you still happen to have one? Thank you xx

No i’m sorry i don’t keep bred pokemon for long. Hope you find one though!

So before i get to sleep since im trying but its on my mind. That dream i mentioned.

it ended pretty much like, i ask him a question and he answered “i just wanna get to know you”

dunno if thats a sign i should consider,a hint i should take or just expect nothing, probably should expect nothing

"life is what you make it"

courtesy of my grandmother, ‘tis her quote she passed on to my mom which then passed on to me and my sibling. :) she’s been dead for a while i wish i could’ve met her at least once,but i know for sure she was a good lady. <3 you rest in piece beautiful woman ^-^

4/11 just hatched! :D i think y’all know what a shiny eevee looks like now XD

will edit this post with the nickname and what not :D


Eggs: 268

Nickname: Shax

Gender: Male

5 IV’s

back to breeding! :D

would like to mention that all of my hard earned shiny eevee’s will not be up for trade, i do plan to get into competitive and would like some decent eeveelutions for battles.

and awesomely enough

Zethian has 4 IVs ( he was the 90th egg)

Osirus has 5 IVs ( :oo) (he was the 110th egg)

and Chandra has 4 IVs ( she was the 112th egg)

and to be wickedly honest, i kinda deserved those 3 because when i first got to the day care center on my current x file, that’s the first thing i wanted obviously never gotten, after i beat my x version and got a safari with eevee, i spent hours,days,weeks in that safari with no luck and it’s taken me from december til last night to get at least one eevee soo…but  this hunt so far is very fun and i think i’ll do some massive breeding hunts in the future! :)